The Game Changer. The Life Gift.

I’m getting a new liver

A friend of mine, Morgan Kloes, someone I hadn’t seen or heard from in about 8 years contacted me via Instagram after he saw a post that I had put up about waiting for a liver transplant. Initially, it was just a brief chat about what was wrong and why I was on the transplant list. He asked my blood type and then sent a message saying:

I’m not sure how to say it. But yeah, I’m also O+ and I am happy to be a donor if you want to do the tests. I’m not promising anything but we can check.

I was gobsmacked. Two people in the space of a few months had reached out to see if they could be a match. I had friends going for tests to see what their blood types were before they applied, I was truly blown away by how many people in my life were so willing to help me.

I had someone already testing to be a donor, so I told him that I cannot have two people apply at the same time but that I really appreciated the gesture. I said that if it didn’t work out with this person, then I’d like to take him up on the offer. Again, another awesome reply.

Done, I’m your guy!

After the call with my transplant coordinator saying that we needed to look for someone else, I got in touch with him again and asked if he was still interested. He immediately said yes.

I’ve known Morgan since our school days. We met through rowing and both studied and rowed at the same university. We were friends, but never close. We went on several rowing tours together with the club for our university. He has always been someone with an incredible work ethic, a drive for life and a passion for anything he pursues. He’s currently working in the USA as a chef on a private yacht.

Morgan flew back to South Africa in April 2021 to go through with the testing. He had to do all of the testing at the hospital that the transplant would take place, the Witwatersrand Donald Gordon Research Hospital. After the testing was done, we found out he was a match. On the 13th of August 2021 we received approval from the Department of Health, that we may go ahead with the transplant.

On the 5th of October 2021, we will have the transplant surgery. He’s giving me a chance to live a healthier, better and more fulfilling life. He’s giving me the opportunity to live for longer than I had anticipated. He’s my game changer. I don’t know how I could ever thank someone for something like this. It’s not as simple as someone giving you a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, or even buying you an expensive car. It’s life, and he’s giving me a few more years of it. It’s time that I can use to pursue the things I want to in life; feeling and living in a healthier, more energetic, less hospital visit way. It’s truly amazing.

In almost 3 weeks time, we’ll be wheeled into surgery. I am scared, excited, nervous, elated, ready to vomit, shocked and it all still feels surreal.

There truly are some special individuals in this world. They may not be changing the whole world, but they’re changing someone’s world and that in itself is remarkable.



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Bold Brunette

Almost everything can be an adventure • Liver transplant recipient• Learning & growing every day.